Panatex Roof Paint

Panatex Roof Paint

Description :

A perfect guard with a high quality acrylic emulsion paint with mid sheen to protect roof from sun and rain. Water based paint.

Typical Uses :

Recommended for gypsum board, drywall, plywood and other ceilings materials. Use in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, condominiums, commercial properties, etc. Not intended for exterior applications.

Characteristics :

Vehicle Type : Acrylic Emulsion
Finish : Semi Gloss (35 - 40%)
Colors : Only on Colorcard
Weight/liter : 1.10-1.20 Kg/liter
Solids : 30-32%
Viscesity : 75-85 KU
pH : 8.5-9.0
Drying Time (to touch)* : 30-45 minutes
Drying Time (to recial)*
*@25oC & 50% R.H.
: 4 hours

Application :

Use roll, brush or airless spray. Paint at temperature above 10oC. Protect from freezing.