Technique Glaze

Technique Glaze

The easy way to add depth and beauty to any room
Tintable clear technique glaze
Available in 40 colors, or mix directly with paint
Add riches to any wall

Description :

Kem-Tone Technique Glaze is rich, translucent, and mixed with paint to create custom faux-finishing looks. It allows the undercoat to show through and extends the drying time to give you more minutes to work painting techniques. Designed to mix a ratio of four parts glaze to one part paint, Kem-Tone Technique Glaze is available in one-quart and one-gallon sizes.

Typical Uses :

Recommended for walls, ceilings, doors, trim and window casings. Use on wallboard or drywall, primed plaster, wood, concrete, brick, primed metal and wallpaper. Uses in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, condominiums, commercial properties, etc. For interior applications.

What is it?

Kem-Tone Technique Glaze is a beautifully translucent finish that adds dept to all faux finishing and decorative painting techniques.

What is it?

Glaze gives you more working time when applying techniques. With Kem-Tone Technique Glaze, you have up to 20 minutes before it dries, depending on temperature and humidity. Plus, glaze beautifully retains the patterns left by the tools used to apply it.

How muach do I need?

You can cover between 40 and 80 m3 with a gallon of Kem-Tone Technique Glaze, depending on your chosen technique.

What tools work best?

There are many tools and materials you can use to create terrific techniques with glaze. Sponges, lint-free rags, brushes, rollers, combs, and even plastic bags can be used to create unique decorative finishes.