Spectrum Alkali Resisting Primer

Spectrum Alkali Resisting Primer

Alkali resistant
Highly durable and resistant to weathering
Good adhesion property
Can be used to prime marginally cured concrete
Used under water based paints
Interior and exterior

Description :

A high performance water based primer designed to protect the finish against alkali, chalking, and efflorescence.

Typical Uses :

Recommended for walls. Use on wallboard or drywall, primed plaster, concrete, brick, and wallpaper. Uses in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, condominiums, commercial properties, etc. For interior and exterior applications.

Characteristics :

Vehicle Type : Styrene Acrylic
Finish : Flat
Colors : White
Weight/liter : 1.23-1.30 Kg/liter
Solids : Volume 31-33%, Weight : 44-46%
Viscesity : 90-98 KU
pH : 8.5-9.0
Drying Time (to touch)* : 30-45 minutes
Drying Time (to recial)*
*@25°C & 50% R.H.
: 4 hours
Coverage : 40-50 m2 per-gallon (substrate dependent)
Tinting : not Available

Application :

Use roll, brush or airless spray. Paint at temperature above 10°C. Protect from freezing.